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NRC-CISTI and Infotrieve Collaboration

Access to NRC-CISTI’s national science library collection is provided by Infotrieve Canada Inc. on behalf of NRC-CISTI. Under this unique collaborative arrangement NRC-CISTI fulfills its mandate as a national science library in a cost effective way that also improves researcher access to global scientific, technical and medical (STM) content.

The national science library collection, developed under the direction of NRC-CISTI, is a research level, STM library collection with more than 50,000 serial titles, 800,000 books, conference proceedings, plus 2 million technical reports.

Infotrieve Canada Inc. handles all aspects of registration, delivery, billing and customer service for all NRC, Canadian, US and international clients wishing to obtain documents and materials in the NRC-CISTI collection. They are also responsible for onsite access to the CISTI collections at NRC-CISTI’s main library, located in Ottawa ON.

Under NRC-CISTI’s library authority, Infotrieve Canada Inc. is recognized as NRC-CISTI’s Canadian copyright agent with Access Copyright & Copibec, and maintains CISTI’s copyright practices for the collection, including copyright exemptions for Canadians, as permitted by Canadian Copyright legislation.

Access is also provided to the Canadian Agriculture Library (CAL) collection by Infotrieve Canada, Inc. on behalf of CAL under the same arrangement.

Infotrieve has the fastest document delivery turnaround time in the industry which is achieved by leveraging over 50 million citations available within their proprietary database and STM Library™ of managed print collections. Add to that access to our world renowned NRC-CISTI Canadian national science library collection, and an enormous collection of STM content is literally at your fingertips.

Question: What changes can I expect to see now that Infotrieve is providing access to the CISTI collection?

Answers to many of the questions are available on Infotrieve's website:

Question: How can I find out about pricing for my organization?

Answer: Canadians should contact Infotrieve Canada Inc.’s customer service at in English or in French, or by telephone at 877- 211-5536 (toll free within Canada) or 613-990-9106.

Other clients should refer to the links in the previous answer.

Question: What happens if I have both an NRC-CISTI and an Infotrieve account?

Answer: If you are already using an Infotrieve solution, you may continue ordering as you do now.

If you are a Canadian and had an NRC-CISTI Document Delivery account, your account was transferred to Infotrieve on June 3. You can visit to place your order. Your login credentials are the same as you had with CISTI. To login, use your CISTI account email or your CISTI user name. Your password is your CISTI password.

Question: Will I still be able to access the NRC-CISTI catalogue and collection?

Answer: Yes clients will be able to search the NRC-CISTI catalogue. However, beginning Thursday, June 3 CISTI will no longer accept any orders through its own system. All orders must be placed through Infotrieve Canada Inc. You can place orders with Infotrieve through different methods, including directly through the Infotrieve ordering platform, the CISTI Catalogue, and the CISTI website. You are also welcome to submit orders through some of the more popular gateways, including Docline, OCLC, Rapid ILL, VDX and Relais.

Question: Who do I contact at CISTI regarding specifics of the collaboration?

Answer: Please send any questions using the online form. A CISTI staff member or Infotrieve will follow-up by e-mail or contact you by telephone.